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Things I Love - January 2018

Happy Friday!!! There are so many great looks happening in design right now. I feel like now, more than in the past few years, there's something for everyone. We're finally seeing a shift back to a slightly more traditional look and that makes me giddy. I do love designing a modern and contemporary space, but I'm thrilled to see softer palettes of blush, green and warm white mixed with hints of black. The contrast creates so much visual interest. It's inviting and fresh, yet timeless.

Here's what I'm loving at the moment:

1. Nightstand 2. Blush Wallpaper 3. Lumbar Pillow 4. Woven Bowl 5. Pillow 6. Daybed 7. Floral Wallpaper 8. Art 9. Farmgirl Flowers 10. Dinnerware 11. Ticking Stripe Pillow 12. Floor Lamp 13. Console 14. Soft Neutral Living Room 15. Lantern 16. Rug 17. Dining Table

1. Love the clean lines and combination of wood, metal and glass (although, I would probably change out the hardware). So simple, but so much interest.
2. This wallpaper in a girl…

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